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420 Audio portable speaker

The 420 Audio portable Bluetooth speaker puts the "high" in "hi-fi." It's legal in every state, since the marijuana theme only extends to the decoration and the speaker's stoner attitude. It gurgles like a bong when you turn it on and tells you "I'm hungry!" when you turn it off. Recommended listening: anything featuring Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson.

First published April 19, 2014.
Update April 19, 2017: Added more gadgets.

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Hide your stash with your phone

You might not want to advertise that you're walking around with a bunch of roll-your-own pot cigarettes. The iHit iPhone case lets you hide your stash behind your smartphone. A removable storage chamber holds up to five pre-rolled smokes. The maker advertises the case as having an "odor-free design."

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Kestrel EV car made from hemp

Back in 2010, Canadian automotive design firm Motive Industries unveiled the concept for the Kestrel EV, a compact electric car with a very unusual feature: a body built from a biocomposite material derived from hemp. The company has since disappeared into obscurity. Not even its website exists anymore, but the Kestrel idea lives on in the hearts of hopeful hemp lovers everywhere.

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UFO pipe

Take your toking to the stars with a UFO-shaped novelty pipe from Grasscity. It doesn't come with a carb hole, but it's really more about the looks anyway. One reviewer describes it as "easily capable of being disguised as a shelf piece or ornament." That's a bonus for people looking for a pipe to blend in with their nerdy decor.

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Rock out with Cannabis Rex speaker

Replacement speakers for guitar and bass amps crafted with hemp cones have been lauded for their tone. The Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex not only rocks a great name, it's racked up good reviews, as well. The tone has been described as "smokey smooth," nudge, nudge, wink, wink. This 50-watt workhorse costs around $85 (about £56, AU$121). Install it in your amp and you'll be able to tell everyone the secret to your sound is hemp.

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Snoopify your photos, Dogg-style

Sometimes, Instagram just isn't weird enough. If that's the case, you need to jump on the sticker bandwagon and alter your photos with the free Snoopify app for Android and iOS. Take a picture and start embellishing it by adding Snoop himself, a disco ball, crazy glasses, silly suits, or a cartoon doobie. Here, CNET test cat Dashiell models some of the options.

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Pot treats vending machine

This Zazzz vending machine offers munchies made with marijuana to medical pot users. The first machine went into service at a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle in early 2015. The climate-controlled vending gadget contains edible pot creations and accessories. Unlike other vending machines, it has an attendant around at all times to doublecheck customer IDs.

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It's a grinder and a watch

You can sit there and break up your herb by hand, or you can use a small grinder to do the job quickly and cleanly. The Grinder Watch from Weed Star disguises the device beneath a regular working watch face. This should be the official timepiece of Colorado.

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Keep your pipes clean

The Kashit Clean gadget is all about straightening up after you've been smoking. It sucks up ashes and comes with a nozzle for cleaning out pipes and water pipes.

Sure, this could be used for people who use cigarettes or tobacco pipes, but we all know it's mostly geared for marijuana users who have a touch of neat freak in them. The device recharges by micro-USB, so it's always ready to clean up after you. Kashit Inventions, the company behind the Clean, also offers an antimicrobial cooling attachment for water pipes.

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Portable pot reviews

Leafly is a major online resource for locating medial marijuana clinics and dispensaries, and for sharing reviews on varying strains of pot. It also comes in the form of an app that puts all those resources on your phone or tablet. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect is the photos shared by users of varying types of marijuana. Not surprisingly, many of those images are credited to "anonymous."

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Yahookah, the computer pipe

Few times have the worlds of smoking and geekery collided so successfully as with the Yahookah, a desktop computer modded into a pipe. An Instructables for the project places the cost to build it at $4, if you already have a dead desktop or file server lying around and some spare aquarium parts. It uses a ceramic bowl from a local smoke shop, a piece of acrylic fashioned into a reservoir, an aquarium pump, aquarium tubing, and some embellishments to fancy it up. And, yes, it really works.

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Listen through a leaf

The Pangea Brands Marijuana Bluetooth Speaker is anything but subtle. It takes the shape of a bright green pot leaf and it's perfect for amplifying your Grateful Dead collection on the go. Pangea suggests you use it to "share your tunes with your best buds."

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The MagicalButter machine takes all the labor out of infusing butters and oils with cannabis. The kitchen gadget plugs in and heats your ingredients to the proper temperature for a set period of time. If you're looking for inspiration, the MagicalButter site offers recipes for everything from "magical tincture" to "heavenly hazelnut spread."

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Grow your own

The Leaf automated plant-growing machine is a smartphone-controlled gadget the size of a mini-fridge. While you could use it to grow peppers or veggies, a lot of people are interested in the possibility of using it as a self-contained indoor grow system for marijuana.

Leaf is currently accepting preorder deposits, but it's not expected to ship until early 2018. The machine costs close to $3,000 (£2,340, AU$4,000) at the discounted preorder price, but you still might want to wait for units to actually begin shipping before making the investment.

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