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Lifx Color 1000

The Lifx Color 1000 is the brand's second-gen color-changing smart bulb. Click through to see what it it has to offer.

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All in the family

From left to right, here's the original Lifx LED, the white-light-only Lifx White 800, and the new Lifx Color 1000. Like the White 800, the Lifx Color 1000 is a smaller design than the original.

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Bulb specs

Along with the smaller size, the Color 1000 boasts a smaller power draw. While the original Lifx consumed 17 watts at its brightest setting, the Color 1000 uses just 11. Despite this, the Color 1000 is actually the brighter of the two, topping out at more than -- you guessed it -- 1,000 lumens.

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The flat-topped build doesn't cast as much light downward as it does upward. The fact that it's a brighter option than most bulbs like it helps to make up for this somewhat.

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Color quality

Lifx offers some of the best color quality of any color-changing bulb that we've tested. Across the entire spectrum, the tones are accurate and vivid -- including green, a color that some competitors struggle with.

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Third-party support

Lifx works with a number of third-party services and products, including IFTTT, SmartThings, the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Logitech Harmony Hub, and the Amazon Echo smart speaker. That last one lets you control the bulbs with spoken commands.

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Windows app

Lifx also recently added integration across PCs and devices running Windows 10. That includes support for Cortana, giving you another way to control the bulbs with your voice.


App controls

The Lifx app is free for Android and iOS devices. It'll walk you through the pairing process, then allow you to adjust the lights to your heart's content.

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White light brightness

Lifx offers 16 presets in the white light spectrum. The default of 3,500 K is the brightest, ringing in at 1,014 lumens.

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Themes and scheduling

You can also trigger preset color themes with a single tap, or set up prescheduled lighting changes.

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Lighting effects

You'll find a few extra settings in the "Effects" section of the Lifx app, complete with settings to help fine-tune them.

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Price point

Each Lifx bulb costs $60 (about £40, or a little over AU$80). That's an awful lot to pay for a color-changing light bulb, but we think it still might be the bulb you want if you're buying in today. Check out our full review for the whole story.

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