X-Mini II Capsule Speaker

This portable speaker fits in the palm of your hand and packs a powerful sound. The collapsible accordion design means it fits almost anywhere, and you can daisy-chain several to pump up the sound even more. The X-Mini, $30, features a standard 3.5 mm jack and is available in black, white, and red. Read editors' take

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Jawbone Era

The Jawbone Era has a sharp and attractive design that makes it one of the most fashion-forward Bluetooth headsets around. It's also one of the most technologically advanced, with a built-in accelerometer, HD quality audio, and killer noise cancellation. Read full review
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Solio Bolt charger

Know someone who's always on the go? The solar-charged Solio Bolt could be that extra-handy gadget gift. With a USB port to connect almost any device (you'll need to provide your own connection cables), it promises two full phone charges when it's full. We'll update once we've done full testing on the battery life. Read editors' take

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Cyber Clean

No matter how careful you are, a certain amount of debris is going to end up stuck in your laptop keyboard. Sure, you could always flip the laptop upside down and bang on it, but that's not going to get everything out, and it's kinda gross.

Cyber Clean is one of those ubiquitous products one sees sitting on store shelves without ever giving it much thought. It's essentially a ball of fluorescent green goo that you mash into a keyboard or any similar device (obviously make sure it's turned off first), and the tacky surface picks up dirt and grime. It costs a few bucks for a small pouch, or up to $49 for a giant tub.

You're supposed to be able to literally fold the dirt and debris back into the mass and use the glob over and over again until it loses its bright green color--but that sounds a little icky. We think of it as a single-use item.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Though $80 seems like a lot to risk now on a device that might not be able to take full advantage of Microsoft's next operating system, the Touch Mouse is effective enough now that we can recommend it for general purposes to any Windows 7 user. Read full review
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Check out more gifts under $50

These "stocking stuffers" are at the low end of the price scale, but we've also rounded up 10 tech gifts that cost no more than $50. The list includes some unexpectedly great 4-star products, such as the Roku LT pictured above. Read full review
Photo by: Roku
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