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50 - Live Long And Prosper

To Boldly Go

Star Trek The Original Series

The Final Frontier

Star Trek Inception: The Cage

Risk is our business!

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Don't Believe in No-Win Scenarios

Spacial Gnosis

The Bridge

Teleportation of Mr Spock


U.S.S. Enterprise Spec Sheet

Dance of the Orion Women & It's Your Galaxy Too!




Space Seed

They're Dead, Jim


Boldly Going

Logic and Laughs


Mirror Mirror

Strangely Drawn to It

Phasers Set to Stunning

Revenge is a Dish That is Best Served Cold

To celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, Italian illustrator Rocco Malatesta depicts a twist on the famous Vulcan salute.

Caption by / Photo by Rocco Malatesta

Illustrator Joshua Budich depicts the crew of "The Original Series".

Caption by / Photo by Joshua Budich

This image by animator Dusty Abell includes at least one character, creature, ship or location from every one of the 79 episodes of the classic show.

Caption by / Photo by Dusty Abell

Self-taught Australian psychedelic-surrealist Nicky Barkla assembled the crew of the Enterprise from "The Next Generation" for this piece.

Caption by / Photo by Nicky Barkla

British artist Paul Shipper goes back to the beginning with this movie-style poster for the original, unbroadcast pilot episode in which Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Pike, Captain Kirk's predecessor.

Caption by / Photo by Paul Shipper

Mick Cassidy, a character designer for TV series "Family Guy", was inspired by classic comic artist Jack Kirby for this piece.

Caption by / Photo by Mick Cassidy

This image is by Tim Anderson, who has the best job in the world: attraction designer at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Caption by / Photo by Tim Anderson

Amy Beth Christenson, a senior concept designer at Lucasfilm Animation, quotes Captain Kirk for this image of the foes Kirk and friends have faced.

Caption by / Photo by Amy Beth Christenson

French artist Nicolas Beaujouan was inspired by old illumination, Dionysius Freher and his work on Jacob Böhme, and the Tree Of Life.

Caption by / Photo by Nicolas Beaujouan

Illustrator Glen Brogan wanted to create an image of the "Original Series" bridge that looked like a toy playset.

Caption by / Photo by Glen Brogan

Stanley Chow, from Manchester, England, learned that actor Leonard Nimoy had sadly died just after he completed this image of Mr Spock.

Caption by / Photo by Stanley Chow

Fernando Reza, professionally known as FRO, draws on the dramatic and often psychadelic lighting and colours of "The Original Series".

Caption by / Photo by Fernando Reza

Designer Tom Whalen created this image of the "Original Series" Enterprise in Adobe Illustrator.

Caption by / Photo by Tom Whalen

Comic book artist Joe Corroney has worked on both Star Trek and Star Wars comics.

Caption by / Photo by Joe Corroney

This image depicts different characters on a spectrum of order, chaos, logic and emotion. Characters are placed in the image between the order of the Borg Collective and the chaos of Q, and from the logic of Data to the emotion of Worf.

Caption by / Photo by Ulises Farinas

Neal Smith has the great job of designing Team Hot Wheels toys at Mattel. His Borg cube design is made out of assimilated Hot Wheels toy cars. Resistance is futile...

Caption by / Photo by Mattel / Neal Smith

Matthew Skiff drew on old Flash Gordon comics and the art of Frank Frazetta to depict the epic fight between Kirk and the Gorn Captain from the episode "Arena".

Caption by / Photo by Matthew Skiff

British artist Dave Merrell was inspired by legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan for this image depicting the first appearance of classic villain Khan.

Caption by / Photo by Dave Merrell

It's a dangerous profession being a security personnel "redshirt" aboard the Enterprise. Austrian artist Anna-Maria Jung shows some of the ways redshirts met their end.

Caption by / Photo by Anna-Maria Jung

Andrew Wilson is an artist who currently works for games developer Valve, the company behind Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress 2.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Wilson

Artist PJ McQuade portrays Captain Picard drinking his tea (Earl Grey, hot) alongside the crew of "The Next Generation".

Caption by / Photo by P.J. McQuade

UK artist Des Taylor, who also provided the exclusive art for our review of new movie "Star Trek Beyond", draws on the friendship among the crew of the Enterprise.

Caption by / Photo by Des Taylor

Lynn A. Norton sculpts Star Trek collectibles for Hallmark, and created this new ship for the exhibition. According to Norton, the "Next Generation"-era Bellwether is powered by an experimental Metawarp propulsion system and can separate to become two exploration vessels with duplicate systems and capabilities.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn A. Norton

Artist Gary Pullin's silk-screen print depicts the classic episode in which the crew of the Enterprise face nasty alternate versions of themselves -- with, in Spock's case, a truly evil beard.

Caption by / Photo by Gary Pullin

Dave Quiggle's art has been used for many musical projects. Here he depicts Spock and a cat that fans will recognise as a shapeshifter named Isis from the episode "Assignment: Earth".

Caption by / Photo by Dave Quiggle

Photographer Christopher Ryan Ross frames "Big Bang Theory" actor Mayim Bialik for this tribute to Captain Kirk, Yeoman Janice Rand and Mister Spock.

Caption by / Photo by Christopher Ryan Ross

French illustrator Patrick Connan rewatched "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" over and over for this piece.

Caption by / Photo by Patrick Connan
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