Switch Vehicle trike

A showcase of vehicle concepts at Stanford University's Center for Automotive Research Tuesday hinted at how we'll be navigating city streets in the near future. It's time to rethink the four-wheeled car.

Makers of this fully assembled Switch Vehicle pointed out that dropping a wheel has its advantages. You only hit a pothole once. And the trikes are legal in the HOV lane.

Click on for more photos of the prototype vehicles.

Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Switch Vehicle kits

Switch Vehicle kits appeal to DIY EV enthusiast.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Sway Motorsports

Afraid of tipping a motorcycle? Try the Sway.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Arcimoto's SRK

Arcimoto's 6th generation SRK fits two people in tandem.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Lit Motors' C-1

Lit Motors' working C-1 prototype is reminiscent of "Tron."
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Interior view of Lit Motors' C-1

Lit Motors' C-1 uses gyroscopes for stability.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Stanford's PanaEve

Stanford's PanaEve design makes it easier to get in and out.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Stanford Xenith solar vehicle

Stanford's Xenith has six square-meters of solar panels.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

KleenSpeed Technologies

KleenSpeed focuses on smart batteries.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Local Motion

Local Motion vehicles, intended for campus use, would make driving more social.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET

Tablet replaces dashboard in Local Motion vehicle

The display shows nearby points of interest.
Photo by: Sumi Das/CNET
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