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Spotify for iPad

The Spotify iPad main screen

Left-hand menu



iOS apps old and new

Half-panel navigation



Playback and playlists

The People tab

Crossfade and playback

Lock screen

Track syncing

For lovers of music, Spotify's dedicated iPad app is available from the App Store for free, with paid subscriptions optional. The service offers more than 17 million tracks in a high, 320kbps bit rate to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS users.

New features for the iPad app include a dedicated Inbox icon grouped by user for accessing messages, Cover Flow-style navigation of playlists (not available on PC), and gapless playback and DJ-style crossfade.

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While the app defaults to the last mode you used, most users will start up in the What's New mode, which includes recommendations based on your previous usage.
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The menu to the left-hand side of the screen offers up search, what's new (latest releases), an inbox for the member's messages, playlists, and the People view (other users).
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Scroll down the What's New page and albums are presented in a tiled list.
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While Spotify includes recommendations, most users will use the Search function to find the music they want. The app now uses autofill to predict what you're typing.
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Until now iPad users had to use the iPod app at right, but the native app adds further functionality in addition to a lick of paint.
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The app features a half-panel navigation approach that strips away or builds depending on which way you swipe.
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The app's biggest selling point is the "high-definition" cover art, which offers an uncluttered interface. Swipe forward or back and the track changes
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Connectivity to Apple AirPlay devices is also available from the playback screen.
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At the bottom of the screen the playback bar shows you the current track.
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Easily find your friends' playlists via the People icon.
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Add DJ-style crossfades from the settings icon.
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As with other music apps, Spotify control is available from the lock screen.
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Spotify doesn't have the track you want? Upload the tracks from your computer.
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