We Cravers are an athletic bunch. We're constantly jumping and running -- jumping to conclusions and running up bar tabs, that is. But even us gym-shy lazyboys are interested in Sony's Walkman NWZ-W202 cordless MP3 player.

It includes 13.5mm headphones and comes in the shape of two small bits that clip into the ear, and loop behind the neck. They connect via the magic of magnetism, as seen above.

You choose tracks with the Zappin function. This allows you to browse and search the 2GB memory without a display. You use a jog dial, which helps you find tunes easily by playing popular clips of each song until you get the one you want.

Other features include drag-and-drop transfer, and a quick-charge feature that allows the device to play back up to 90 minutes of music with only a 3-minute charge, and up to 12 hours with a full charge. Frankly the only way this Craver would be staying in a gym for 90 minutes was if he dropped dead on the power plate.

According to Sony, the NWZ-W202 will be offered in black and pink, although these ones are clearly white and green. It'll be out in the spring. Click to the next picture for more.

We've heard that exercise clears your head, but this is ridiculous!
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