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Sony NAS-Z200iR overview

Sony NAS-Z200iR in use

Sony NAS-Z200iR remote

Sony CMT-Z100iR (black)

Sony CMT-Z100iR (white)

Yesterday, Sony announced two feature-packed iPod speakers in Europe: the NAS-Z200iR and CMT-Z100iR. The NAS-Z200iR features a built-in iPod dock, a slot-loading CD player, an AM/FM radio, an audio-in port, a USB port, and supports PC streaming and Internet radio via DLNA-certified Wi-Fi.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
All functions on the NAS-Z200iR, including controlling source material, will be controlled by a rechargeable remote with a 3.5-inch LCD display.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
The remote's display utilizes what appears to be a slightly modified version of Sony's XMB interface.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
The CMT-Z100i lacks the Wi-Fi capabilities and highly interactive remote of the RNAS-Z200iR. Instead, the CMT-Z100i features a display on the unit, and is controlled with a standard IR-based remote.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
The CMT-Z100iR will also be available in white.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
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