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Game on! The PS4 arrives

Today at a New York press conference, Sony unveiled its newest gaming console, the long-awaited PlayStation 4. Equipped with an X86 CPU, 8GB of unified memory, and a PC-style GPU, the PS4 also comes with a new controller called the Dual Shock 4.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Dual Shock 4 controller

Lead system architect for the PS4, Mark Cerny, holds the Dual Shock 4. The new controller comes with a small touch screen, a headphone jack, and a share button.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Play while downloading a game

Users will be able to play the first portion of a game, even if the entire game is not finished downloading.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Sharing your gameplay

Hoping that this feature will be as popular as screenshot sharing has become, Sony included a Share Menu, which will enable players to upload video clips of their own gameplay.
Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

PlayStation 4 user profile

The user profile page on the PS4 looks similar to a Facebook profile.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Remote play with PS Vita

Users will be able to remotely play their games via the PS Vita.
Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Cloud service accesses every PS game

The PlayStation cloud service will enable players to call up any PlayStation game, from past to present, immediately.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

It's nice to Share

A close up of the Dual Shock 4 controller's Share button.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Demoing Killzone: Shadow Fall

The sci-fi shooting game, Killzone: Shadow Fall, demoing at the Sony presser.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

High graphics support

David Cage from Quantic Dream shows how the PS4 will feature high-end CGI technology with this hyper-real model's head.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Dance, my puppets!

Using the Move controller in conjunction with the PS4, users can use a wand to sketch, move, and create 3D images. Here, players manipulate two graphic characters to dance.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Deep Down with Panta Rhei

Yoshinori Ono of Capcom demos Deep Down (working title), a game that incorporates the new Panta Rhei graphic engine that takes advantage of the PS4's boost in power.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Real-time gameplay

Yoshihisa Hashimoto, chief technology officer for Square Enix Japan, demos real-time gameplay running on the PS4.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Diablo III also comes to PS4

A rep from Blizzard Entertainment announces that Diablo III, which can already be played on the PS3, will also be available for the PS4.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

In on the Activision

Eric Hirshberg from Activision announces that Bungie and Destiny will also come to the console.

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET

Mysteries still remain

Despite a two-hour long press conference, many questions are still left unanswered -- like what the PS4 actually looks like! Sony also didn't reveal pricing information, or a release date more specific than "Holiday 2013."

Photo by: Sarah Tew /CNET


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