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Jawbone Up2

The Jawbone Up2's powerful software has smart coaching challenges, recommendations and feedback that help you live a healthier life. The band can also measure the steps you take, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep at night. The Jawbone Up2 is available now for ASU$149.

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LG Watch Urbane

Apple Watch not in your budget? The LG Watch Urbane runs Android Wear and features a stainless steel body and a stitched leather strap. The watch can display notifications from your smartphone, send text messages, measure your heart rate and track your daily activities. It can even function over Wi-Fi when your phone is left behind. The LG Watch Urbane is available now for AU$459.

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Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR adds continuous heart-rate monitoring and an OLED display to the mix. In addition to tracking steps, calories burned, distance and sleep, the band even includes some smart features. The Charge HR will vibrate when you receive a call and show who is calling. The Fitbit Charge HR is available now for AU$199.

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Jabra Sport Pulse

If your Dad is cardio crazy then these heart-beat monitor sport ear-buds might be the fitness prescription he's been after. They're not cheap at AU$249, but if you hunt around you can find some great bargains.

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Polar M400

Is dad a runner? If so, you should check out the Polar 400. The watch has everything you would expect from a tracker (measuring steps, distance and sleep tracking), but adds even more with GPS. It can map running routes and track pace, distance, calories burned, altitude and steps when working out. The Polar M400 is available now for around AU$200.

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Henty Wingman

Cycling Dad's might particularly appreciate the Henty Wingman. At first glance its a fairly unassuming suit bag that also comes with a gym bag as well.

The whole thing, however, rolls up and feature semi-rigid ribbing that keeps all your gear from getting completely crushed.

It's a smart looking, smart-designed way for Dad to get his gym and work gear around.

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit

These are a lightweight wireless stereo headset that features a sweatproof design and decent sound. There's even a reflective armband case for smartphones that doubles as a storage case for the headphones. Perfect for the Dad on the move!


Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can be used to communicate with others, view notifications from your smartphone, and even pay for items with Apple Pay. It can also run apps, measure your heart rate and track your steps and activity level throughout the day. You can even send and receive calls from your iPhone directly on your wrist. The stainless steel model of the Apple Watch is available now starting at AU$799, although the Sport model with an anodized-aluminum finish can be had for AU$499.

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