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Handsets for Dad

You love Dad. Dad loves phones. Therefore, surprise the man who gave you life with a new phone this Father's Day. Here are some humble suggestions.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus

With its premium design, smooth performance, and long-lasting battery, the iPhone 6 Plus makes an excellent device to gift -- especially if Pop is already on the iOS ecosystem.


Samsung Note 5

The Note 5 is not only the latest in Samsung popular line of Stylus-sporting big-screen phones, it's also one of the first category 9 LTE devices to arrive in Australia, meaning you can get some very impressive speeds on the Telstra 4Gx network. Father's who want top notch data speeds will be thrilled with this.

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Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)

Motorola's insistence in using the same names for its phones may be confusing, but there nothing confusing about this bad boy. It's water resistant with a great battery and a solid camera, and it'll only set you back AU$369. If your Dad likes to get out and about, this is one for you.

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HTC One M9

For the father who is all-business, the One M9 is a polished mobile machine. This phone isn't just serious-looking -- it also has some serious specs underneath its hood, including a Snapdragon 810 processor, large dual speakers, and a full-HD display.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The coolest, edgiest patriarch in town deserves the edgiest phone -- literally. The unique dual-curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge looks like a million bucks, and has the performance to make it the best Android phone there is.

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Huawei P8

Well-priced and with a premium build and feel, the P8 will appeal to Android loving Dad's with a sense of style.

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If your Dad is a fan of the finer things in life, then the genuine leather back on the flagship G4 should make his very, very happy.

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