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A trio of Smarter kitchen gadgets

Smarter Mat

Different sizes

The app

Different skews

Smarter Fridge Cam

Smarter Detect

Apple HomeKit compatibility

Smarter, a startup based in the UK, has big plans to connect your kitchen. Click through for a look at its three new gadgets.

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First up, the Smarter Mat. Set it down in your fridge or cupboard. Then put something on top of it and the Mat will track its weight. You'll get a notification when you're running low, letting you use a smartphone app to remotely check how much you've got left.

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The Mat comes in a variety of sizes, with spots for different groceries.

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You'll find visual cues for each ingredient on the Mat within the Smarter app.

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Smarter will also offer different versions of the Mat designed to track specific things such as bottles and eggs.

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The second gadget is the Smarter Fridge Cam. Stick it in your fridge, and it'll snap a picture of what's inside every time you open the door. Then, when you're out at the grocery and can't remember whether or not you need more milk, you'll be able to pull out your phone and take a look.

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The third gadget is Smarter Detect, a listening device for the kitchen. When it hears your oven timer, it'll send you a notification to let you know dinner's ready.

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By the time the new gadgets launch this summer, Smarter hopes to be ready to join up with Apple HomeKit, the set of smart home protocols programmed into iOS devices. That might mean you'll soon be able to ask Siri if you've got enough ketchup for hot dog night.

Pricing isn't locked in for the three devices, but Smarter's reps tell me that the plan is to keep the cost of each below $100, which roughly converts to about £70, or AU$170.

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