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Slow-cooker cheesy sausage breakfast casserole

Chile hot chocolate

Slow-cooker peach crumble

Slow-cooker chocolate cake

Slow-cooker French onion dip

Slow-cooker party mix

Slow-cooker collard greens

German mulled wine (Glühwein)

Slow-cooker spiked wassail

Slow-cooker butternut squash and red pepper soup

Using your slow cooker to assist in your holiday cooking is a smart choice. Things are less likely to burn -- giving you peace of mind -- plus, you'll free up space in your oven or on your stove. Here are 10 holiday recipes to make this year.

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You know your family is going to be hungry on Christmas morning, but you also know you won't want to make breakfast since you'll have to start preparing dinner in a few hours. On Christmas Eve, pop these ingredients into your slow cooker and wake up to a cheesy breakfast casserole... and presents, of course.

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Each year I make homemade hot chocolate to drink while we look at Christmas lights. This spicy twist on hot chocolate is yummy -- and you don't need to worry about scorching the milk if you use your slow cooker.

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Making desserts in your slow cooker frees up space in your oven. Not to mention that they stay moist and gooey. Here's a great recipe for slow-cooker peach crumble.

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You may have tried making cake in the microwave, but have you tried making it in your slow cooker? This chocolate cake is sure to please a crowd and it's super easy to make, even for non-bakers. The slow cooker holds in moisture so the cake doesn't get dry.

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Skip the packaged dip and make a crowd pleaser with this slow-cooker French onion dip. It only takes seven ingredients and really brings out the flavor in the onions.

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Party mix is always a welcomed addition at holiday parties and get-togethers. I have trouble with mine scorching in the oven, though. For me, this slow-cooker party mix recipe is a no-brainer.

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In the south, collard greens are a must-have side dish for the holidays. These slow-cooker collard greens use ham or turkey to add another level of flavor, so it would be a great day-after-Christmas dish to use up leftovers.

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German mulled wine will warm you up after dashing through the snow. It includes dry red wine, cloves and citrus. To make it in the slow cooker, follow step 1 of the recipe, but instead of step 2, put the sugar, water and cinnamon sticks in the slow cooker. 

Turn it on high and let it simmer while stirring occasionally. When the sugar is dissolved, set the heat to low and let it simmer about 20 minutes. Then go on to step 3.

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This drink will get you to wassailing, a-wassailing along. Slow-cooker spiked wassail is a boozy drink made with apples, spices and calvados, a French apple brandy. Think of it as hot cider with a punch.

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There's nothing more cozy than soup during the holidays. Using a seasonal vegetable and red pepper adds extra flavor to the dish. Here's how to make slow-cooker butternut squash and red pepper soup.

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