Wii Sports isn't the most impressive-looking Wii launch game, but it's the one that comes with the system. This pack-in title lets new Wii owners play tennis, golf, baseball, bowling, and even try boxing using the Wiimote.
The latest Zelda game is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Link returns to Hyrule with new moves and even newer controls. While originally intended to be solely a GameCube game, Twilight Princess has become a notable Wii launch title, with the Wiimote used for sword fighting, archery, and fishing.
Hike the ball with a flick of the wrist in the Wii version of Madden 07. It won't have the graphical sophistication of the Xbox 360 or upcoming Playstation 3 versions of Madden 07, but its unique Wiimote-oriented control scheme will give it a certain appeal.
This Katamari Damacy-like puzzler from Konami turns the Wiimote into an element-zapping device to help restore electricity to the world. Start by manipulating small devices, such as plates and cups, and move on to lifting entire houses to find the little Elebit sprites.
Excite Truck flips the Wiimote sideways and turns it into a steering wheel for stunt-driving action. Tracks that morph and trucks that crash are two reasons to keep an eye out for this launch title.
Excite Truck isn't the only racing game hitting the Wii. EA's Need for Speed franchise brings its latest game, Carbon, to Nintendo's new system. While Excite Truck has beefy trucks racing through dirt tracks, NFS Carbon has sports cars racing through twisting roads.
Atlus' off-beat surgery puzzler Trauma Center gets ported onto the Wii with Second Opinion. Use the Wiimote as scalpels, forceps, and even defibrillator paddles as you work to save lives.
The hit WWII shooter franchise Call of Duty hits the Wii with its third chapter. Aim your rifle with the Wiimote to fight the Nazi hordes.
Get ready to go down in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. The franchise's sprawling environments are traded for long slalom tracks in this competitive skating game.
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