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A long-awaited update to Skype's iPhone app now brings two-way video-chats to the well-known software, just in time for New Year's wishes.

Here, the contact card is one portal into your contact's online presence. Their status and photo are available, plus the (now) four ways to reach out--instant messaging, SMS, a voice call, or a video call.

Caption by / Photo by Skype
Just because Skype can broadcast footage from your front-facing camera doesn't wrest away your control. You can also say yes to audio only or decline the entire call.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
Skype's iPhone update lets you pause a call to put it on hold without hanging up.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
Familiar calling options include controls to mute the audio or amplify it on speaker, put a call on hold, and turn off video broadcasting--all while engaged in an active call.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
Like other mobile video chat apps, you can toggle between the two cameras to quickly select a different subject for your viewer.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
If you lose connectivity, Skype's alert prompts you to reconnect.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
Ending a call is obvious with this prominent button.
Caption by / Photo by Skype
Landscape mode uses the screen's full real estate in Skype for iPhone.
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