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Chinese company Hisense is actually the No. 1 TV manufacturer in China and No. 3 in the world. With the purchase of the Sharp brand last year, Hisense is making a big push into new markets, such as North America. This year will see 22 new TVs for Hisense and 25 for Sharp. That's a lot of panels, and you'll need a big booth to show it all off.

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Another giant Chinese company, TCL might be best known for its low-cost TVs with Roku built-in. This year saw the company dabble its feet in the high-end part of the TV pool with the X1, a UHD TV which offers Dolby Vision, 4K UHD resolution and a curved screen.

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Monster by name, monster by nature. The big sound company has a big booth to show off its new gear, including a reimagining of the old school boombox, the SuperStar Monster Blaster. Look forward to it making an appearance during your next trip on public transport.

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Panasonic used its CES press conference to talk a lot about connected cities and "business-to-business technology solutions". Luckily it also had some consumer tech, including finally confirming that its 4K Blu-ray player is one the way.

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Nikon is reminding people that, while your phone might take one hell of a photo for social media, the DSLR is very much alive and kicking. But the big excitement at the massive Nikon booth is the bizarrely-named Nikon KeyMission 360, a small, cube-shaped 360-degree spherical camera that's shockproof to 2 meters (6.6 feet) and waterproof to 30 meters (100 feet).

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Samsung is never one to shirk away from supersizing their booth space and 2016 was no different. With a host of new announcements, the surprise hit has been the Family Hub Refrigerator, but the booth is so big, you'll find a lot of surprising cool wearables tucked away.

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Vivitar went big at CES 2016 with a host of new ranges for the brand: from smart-home accessories to smartwatches and drones to life-logging camera.

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After basically reinventing the Polaroid camera last year, with the Polaroid Snap, this year the company has the Snap Plus, which prints your photos instantly still, but will also work as a wireless photo printer for your phone and tablet.

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Like Nikon, Canon's big o'l booth is all about the semi-pro scene when it comes to photography and video.

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Always huge and back again in its rather choice spot at the bottom of the Central Hall, Sony is showing off its big range of HDR 4K TVs. There's also a tiny short-throw projector that's small enough to hold in your hand and still capable of getting you an 80-inch image.

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Nyne's impressive booth was dedicated to showing off the company's new range of Bluetooth audio devices, including the water-resistant Aqua series.

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Qualcomm is probably already in one of your mobile devices, but it might soon be in your car thanks to a collaboration with Audi. Qualcomm's sizable booth space reinforced the breadth of the company's influence.

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Dish put its Sling and Hopper products centre-stage when it came to setting up its booth in the Central Hall of this year's CES.

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