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Finn's Stormtrooper helmet

Darth Vader's melted helmet

Chewbacca's bowcaster

Poe's helmet

Rey's staff

Kylo Ren's helmet

Rey's lightsaber hilt

Kylo Ren's lightsaber

Disney and propmaker Propshop collaborated on a series of "Force Awakens" replicas made to perfectly match the original on-screen weapons and helmets.

Most Stormtrooper helmets look alike. Finn, however, gets a bloody hand print streaked across the face of his helmet. This sets him apart and hints at his rebellious storyline to come. Disney's replica of his FN-2187 Stormtrooper Helmet "is precisely detailed in every way and appears virtually identical to the prop worn by the actor."

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Darth Vader's shadow drapes across "The Force Awakens" even though the Sith Lord himself isn't in it. He is represented by this mangled helmet kept in Kylo Ren's possession. This replica is modeled using the 3D data from the original prop and is limited to 500 made.

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Chewbacca's bowcaster, sometimes called a laser crossbow, was used to great effect in "The Force Awakens." Disney is offering an exacting prop replica of the weapon for Wookiee fans. The replica doesn't actually fire laser beams, but it certainly looks like it could dish out some damage.

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Poe Dameron emerged as one of the new heroes of the Star Wars universe during "The Force Awakens." Fans willing to spend $1,500 can obtain a screen-accurate replica of his helmet. The re-creation even includes every paint scrape seen on the original. The helmet is not meant to be worn.

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Rey's past may still be a mystery after "The Force Awakens," but there's no doubt about her mighty staff. The staff is her sidekick during her scavenging adventures on Jakku. Disney's replica version is designed with 3D files used to make the original for the film.

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Kylo Ren's helmet is an ominous tour de force in prop design. It calls out to Darth Vader's iconic look, but adds elements to help it stand out on its own. Disney's Ultimate Studio Edition of the helmet is meant for hard-core fans. Disney says it is "plated just like the original and appears virtually identical to the prop worn by the actor."

Caption by / Photo by Disney

The lightsaber that comes into Rey's possession during "The Force Awakens" goes on quite a journey through the film. You can heft an exact replica in your own hands if you buy a pricey prop version from Disney. The hilt is made to match the screen version, right down to the various scratches and bumps on the weapon.

Caption by / Photo by Disney

You won't get any beams of light or swooshing sound effects with this highly detailed Disney replica of Kylo Ren's lightsaber hilt, but you will get a prop that looks like it was used in "The Force Awakens." The hilt is part of a special collection of painstakingly made reproductions from the movie.

Caption by / Photo by Disney
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