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Kumo search for swine flu

Bing health


Kumo search for Apple iPod

Kumo flight search

Kumo search for Bill Gates



Microsoft is publicly detailing its upcoming search engine, formerly code-named Kumo and, as of Thursday, now known officially as Bing. The revamped search tool has several new features, including a left-hand navigation pane for moving among different types of searches, category breakdowns for search results, and bringing some information directly into the results page.

For health queries, Kumo/Bing can include full articles, including content licensed from the Mayo Clinic.

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In another health-related query, here's a full article clicked through to via a search on influenza. (Note the Bing name, which as of Thursday has replaced Kumo.)
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The home page of Microsoft's search features a background image. Though a small detail, the decision to include it was among the more controversial issues within the search team.
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Kumo breaks down a search for the Apple iPod into a number of different sub-categories, like buying options, support, and even iPod drivers and manuals.
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When entering a query, such as flights from San Francisco to Maui, Kumo returns not just flight options, but also uses technology from its Farecast acquisition to offer predictions about whether prices will go up or down.
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A Kumo search for "Bill Gates" gave mixed results.
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A product search on a Nikon camera brings up tabs for user reviews, product details, expert reviews, and price comparisons.
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You can use Bing to book flights and hotels, find deals, or just to learn about travel destinations.
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