Detailed lighting effects, realistic shadows, and many units onscreen at the same time make this the most visually appealing Command & Conquer to date. Xbox 360 owners are set, but PC gamers will want to double-check that their video cards can handle it.
The Brotherhood of NOD isn't the only threat in Command & Conquer 3. Alien bugs lured by Tiberium will cause their own share of problems.
Kane may have died a few times in the previous Command & Conquer games, but that hasn't stopped an insane tyrant like him. His zealous followers have plenty of fight in them, regardless of whether the Evil Bald One is still pulling their strings.
Command & Conquer is about more than military strategy. It's also about resource management and building bases that can both produce new troops and protect your assets.
Tiberium is a blessing and a curse in Command & Conquer 3. While it's a valuable source of energy and a necessary resource for building bases and producing military units, it's also an ever-growing alien material that's eating the planet itself.
The graphics may have changed a lot, but the user interface hasn't. Fans of the Command & Conquer series will recognize the layout of the screen in the new version.
For really big, dangerous units like this tank, you need more than one soldier. You need an army to surround and destroy your target.
Terrain can make all the difference. If you get a higher footing, you'll have the upper hand.
If the ground is level, you can still get a tactical edge by setting up an ambush at a point where the enemy's movements are limited.
The GDI/NOD rivalry isn't as long-lived or as venomous as the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, but at least it can take place on the same battlefield.
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