The scenario is hardly new to Call of Duty fans, but the destruction will look a whole lot better on the PlayStation 3.
Nothing says "dead Nazis" like a .50-caliber machine gun with a clear line of fire.
Call of Duty 3's multiplayer modes lets players choose their own specialized classes, like the Battlefield series.
You can't win the war on your own. Your squadmates will give you plenty of backup in battles.
Motorcycles and other vehicles let you get the upper hand in battles as well as reenact scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
A rifle isn't going to do much damage to an oncoming tank. Lucky for this player, a squadmate is packing a bazooka.
Holding back the enemy can be every bit as important as advancing yourself.
The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of Call of Duty 3 will sport more advanced graphical effects, while the Wii edition will feature scaled-back graphics as well as the Wii-mote's control capabilities for gameplay.
War-torn Europe is a bleak and damaged place, but the bad parts can at least look good on the next-gen platforms.
You don't need to go online to fight your friends. Classic split-screen gameplay can let your couch-bound buddies fight with you, old-school.
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