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Fans get handsy with our device picks

At CNET Gotham, fans get to sit down, get comfortable, and play with the real-life tech CNET editors hand-picked. Come by and find out how you can get your tablet playing nicely with your TV. It's 100 percent free, and the directions and schedule of events is right here.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

Scott Stein has all the fun

All day, Wednesday through Sunday, CNET is hosting live demonstrations and advice sessions hosted by our editors. Scott Stein wins Most Fun Session with his tech toys demo from Thursday.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

Even food trucks want to pull up at CNET Gotham

A parade of food trucks keeps guests primed to play with free treats on the way in.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

If anything makes printers sexy, it's CNET Gotham

Among the real-world gadget displays is this home office. Stop by, grab a cup of coffee, and snuggle up with some printers.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

CNET editors in the flesh

CNET's own CNET TV host Bridget Carey and CNET How To host Sharon Vaknin have been at Gotham nonstop.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

A panel for everyone: Cool Mom Tech teams up with CNET

CNET TV Executive Editor Molly Wood and CNET Reviews Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine sat down with Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Tech to give holiday recommendations for families.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

Glamour shots with Lady Liberty

Photographers from Adobe are available all day to shoot pro shots of CNET Gotham visitors. Get your photo taken, then walk away with your own printed copy.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

A cell phone walks into a bar...

An impressive display of this season's most cutting-edge mobile devices, as well as these laptops from Dell, greet Gotham visitors as they arrive in the gallery space.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

Live, personal advice from CNET editors

Throughout each day, CNET editors sit down at our Gotham-based help desk to answer fans' questions about holiday device shopping. Here, Matthew Moscovciak and Scott Stein help a visitor.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

The walls here can talk

Around CNET Gotham, lurking behind the gadgets, are words of wisdom from CNET, written by our experts specifically to fill the walls.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

Even the cars here are from the future

Parked right inside CNET Gotham is a Nissan Leaf, complete with a charging station. Hop in, play with the controls, and find out more about the all-electric car experience.
Photo by: Justin Herman/CNET

CNET meetup turns full-blown party

On Thursday night, a Buzz Out Loud/The 404 podcast meetup turned into a full-on party for CNET fans. Thanks to everyone who showed up--we had a great time.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET


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