There's nothing we like better than fondling new gadgets. Apart from maybe pizza. And Airwolf. And Adidas trainers that look like Imperial Stormtroopers. Still, fiddling about with new cameras like the WB650 and WB600, ST70 and ST60, PL80, PL100 and PL150 is definitely up there. We bring you pictures and first impressions.

The WB650 packs a hefty 15x zoom to complement its AMOLED screen and GPS system. We hoped to try out the GPS, but the WB650 models on show were engineering samples. While we could try out the crisp 76mm (3-inch) AMOLED screen and simple interface, we couldn't see how fast the GPS is or look at our snaps on the in-camera map. The technology is being put together by sat-nav mapmakers Navteq.

At CES we tried out the ST5500 and ST5000, the former including Wi-Fi and an AMOLED screen. Our initial understanding was that the ST550 and the WB650 included both Wi-Fi and GPS, which seems like a perfect match: geotag your pictures and upload them straight to the Web. Sadly, in fact you have to choose between wireless or GPS.

Click 'Continue' for more exciting, moodily lit pictures of the new range of cameras.

Here's that fancy 76mm (3-inch) AMOLED screen in action. Colours are rich and the viewing angle is excellent, so you can hold the camera away from you and snap round corners.
Here's the GPS module. Don't be fooled by the US name, HZ35W, on the top -- this is an engineering sample, hence the GPS wasn't actually working. Pictures will be geotagged automatically when the GPS module is turned on, and can be viewed on a map on the camera's screen. GPS uses a good deal of juice -- Samsung reckons about a third off the battery life -- and works best outdoors.
The ST70 and ST60 both involve angled bases, designed to make group shots easier.
The ST60 lacks optical image stabilisation, but looks very fetching in red.
Here's the back of the ST60.
With a recommended retail price of just £130, the PL80's 5x zoom looks like a bargain.
The PL150 is the latest to sport a screen in the front of the camera.


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