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BERLIN -- It might look like a set of kitchen scales, but this sensor plate is Samsung's SleepSense. It slips under your mattress to provide details on how well you slept.

Although a variety of wearables already claim to provide sleep information, Samsung reckons its large sensor -- thanks to its position inside your bed -- provides results that are 97 percent accurate.

In the morning, you can see the results of your sleep on your smartphone.

Samsung hasn't announced availability or prices yet, but it's expected to arrive before the end of the year.


Samsung's app will give a detailed readout of how long you slept, and what quality of sleep you achieved.


It's small and should slip under your mattress without you ever knowing it's there. It certainly seems more comfortable than wearing a bulky sleep-tracking wearable to bed.


It connects with Samsung's Smart Things network, which includes a range of sensors and smart plugs that you may install all around your home. Having a sensor that can tell other connected devices in your house when you've gone to bed has obvious benefits -- most notably, in shutting off all the lights and locking the doors.


All the interaction with the plate is done via your phone, so there's not really anything for you to mess around with on the thing itself.

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