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JS9500 Series SUHDTV

SUHDTV benchmarks

Samsung Tizen

Audio Lab

WAM7500 and WAM6500 speakers

Multiroom App 2.0

Samsung Powerbot

Super Speed Technology Washers


At this year's CES 2015, Samsung went beyond OLED TVs and introduced nine different models of SUHD TVs for the coming year that all incorporate nanocrystals to enhance the LCD backlights, resulting in brighter images with a wider color gamut than the traditional LCDs we've seen in the past. For more, check out CNET Editor David Katzmaier's first take of the Samsung JS8500 series.

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The JS9500 model is the flagship of the LED nanocrystal series, with pricing yet to be revealed for the luxury line. It will come in two models, 88 inches and 65 inches, and both models will feature a curved display. Read David Katzmaier's initial review of the JS9500 Series here.

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Although Samsung was eager to extoll the virtues of the SUHDTVs, don't forget that they still won't beat the picture quality of OLED. They're still LED LCD TVs, after all, with all of the flaws of that technology.

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The Samsung Tizen operating system will power all the smart TVs announced today, and will be able to automatically search for nearby Samsung mobile devices and connect to them, allowing content to be easily shared back and forth. Check out our story on Tizen for more details.

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Samsung also announced some news in home audio with its new audio lab based in Valencia, California. Check out Donna Tam's Samsung press conference wrap-up blog for the full scoop.

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Samsung has announced two new speakers in its multi-room lineup which feature "360-degree" sound from a single point source.

The WAM7500 and WAM6500 speakers include proprietary "Ring Radiator" technology which funnels sound out of the top of the speaker in a circle.

Check out Ty Pendlebury's preview of the two speaker units here.

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Samsung says the new speakers are fully compatible with the company's Shape Multiroom system released last year, which will remain on sale through 2015.

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The Samsung POWERbot VR9000 is a next-gen robot vacuum cleaner with a Digital Inverter Motor that can suck up to 60 more than traditional upright vacuums.

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The Super Speed technology in Samsung's latest top-loading washer cuts the time to do a full load of laundry down to just 36 minutes.

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The top of Samsung's latest washing machine has a separate sink that lets you pre-treat stains and or handwash delicate items.

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