Text, text, text

The Samsung Profile doesn't have many tricks up its metaphoric sleeve, but if you're content with texting, you can pick it up for a moderate $39.99.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


Smaller than smartphones, the Samsung Profile is easy to tote around.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Shutter surprise

Entry-level phones usually have equally basic furnishings. That's why we're heartened to see the Profile outfitted with a 2-megapixel shooter.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


The 16GB microSD card slot resides beneath the back cover, not on these spines. We'll say it a hundred times if we have to--this makes eextra memory awkward to get at.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


The QWERTY keyboard follows the the Profile's curved body.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Wide slide

Keys are responsive enough, but the keyboard will be too wide for some; others will find it comfortable enough.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


The most beautiful phone ever has one wildly annoying issue

he Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

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