The key to unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen? Your fingerprint

Samsung's Galaxy S5 has become the latest smartphone to add a scanner that unlocks the home screen after reading your fingerprint.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

First things first

You start the finger-registration process by tapping the Finger Scanner icon in the newly-redesigned Settings menu.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Setting up your profile

The Galaxy S5 lets you store three profiles. After tapping to get into the manager window, press the "+" sign to get started.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

8 is the magic number

You'll swipe down 8 times to register your print, then set up a backup password in case you get locked out.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Screen lock

Make sure you select "fingerprints" as the screen lock setting.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Straight and narrow

Most of the time, the scan worked for me, but it's important to swipe down vertically from top to bottom -- or you'll get a misread.
Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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