Samsung will be the first company to release a 3D TV next week as part of its 2010 television range, which will also include features such as internet video and Skype calls.

The series 7 LED television will be available from April 19th 2010 and will come in three sizes: the 40-inch F-UA40C700 (AU$2899), the 46-inch F-UA46C700 (AU$3699) and the 55-inch F-UA55C700 (AU$4799).

Other TVs to be released this year include the C7000 plasmas in 50-inch (AU$2499), 58-inch (AU$3499) and 63-inch (AU$4499) models. Stores will see the C8000 LED series in June and the 9000 LED series in August.

While Panasonic and Sony have announced some details of their respective 3D televisions, Samsung is the first company to release pricing and availability.

In addition to 3D, other features of the C7000 series include a built-in PVR with the addition of an external USB storage device, edge LED lighting, 200Hz Motion Plus and the company's take on DLNA called All Share.

Photo by: Samsung

The TVs include two pair of rechargeable glasses and a 3D copy of

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia

The glasses are available separately in two versions, with the coin-battery models shown above (50 hours per battery) available for AU$99. The rechargeable models (30 hours per charge) will set users back AU$129.

Samsung was the first company to release a 3D TV into Australia in 2008, but it featured a different version of the technology that could only be used in conjunction with a PC.

Photo by: Samsung

The TVs also feature a 2D-to-3D conversion mode that in

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia

At the event, Samsung also announced a partnership with Telstra to provide Bigpond TV on the range within the next 12 months. Pricing and details are yet to be determined. According to Chris Taylor, Director of Telstra Media, "As a country, we are at the tipping point of a wave of IPTV entertainment and BigPond is positioning itself at the crest."

Meanwhile, LG released details of its own BigPond downloads service last week.

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia

The TV features a "3D" super-imposed menu which allows access to the various options and means you can continue watching your movie while you choose from AllShare, Internet@TV or the onboard tuner.

Other additions to Samsung's Internet@TV service include YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Accuweather, Getty Images, Picasa, History App, Sudoku and Texas Hold'em Poker.

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia

The 7000 series and up will feature connectivity via Skype with the addition of the Skype camera (AU$150).

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia

The camera features a wide-angle lens suited to loungeroom use and four microphones sensitive enough to be used up to eight metres away. Unfortunately it's not available from retailers and must be purchased separately via the Skype website.

Photo by: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia


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