Center sharpness and detail are very good for such an inexpensive camera, however, photos do soften up as you head off-center, and noise/graininess is visible at full size even at ISO 80. The A480 performs true to its class, delivering its best photos below ISO 200 and begins declining between ISO 200 and ISO 400. Though ISO 800 photos aren't great, they're usable at small sizes. ISO 1,600 is bad and only recommended for low-light emergencies where quality takes a backseat to getting a shot.
Photo by: Matthew Fitzgerald/CNET
Pigeon!!! The camera's Auto ISO selected ISO 320 for this shot. While the shot looks good small, at full resolution you can see color noise, softening from noise suppression, and a general loss of detail and sharpness.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
The most disappointing part of the A480's photo quality is the amount of fringing. Viewed at full resolution, it can be clearly seen all over this photo, but it's also readily visible in an 8x10 print.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
The barrel distortion from the lens is minimal and mostly on the left side. Not really surprising, given the camera's cost and fairly narrow lens.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
Really good color goes a long way--especially from a budget camera--and the A480 produces great results.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET


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