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The Revo AXiS speaker system from Advanced MP3 Players is packing enough connections to link to almost any device you can throw at it -- though plugging it in is usually better than throwing. Unusually, it even offers, the bespoke music-streaming service.

As such, it comes with a dock for your iPod or iPhone -- what speakers don't these days? -- and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi can connect to your home network to stream songs from your hard-drive and access Internet radio with the choice of over 13,000 stations. It still supports DAB and FM radio -- because you can't teach an old luddite new tricks.

The AXiS sports a nifty full-colour 3.5-inch touchscreen to navigate the menus. All the usual ports you'd expect from speakers are here, namely aux-in and a 3.5mm jack. It also supports a video-out for iPod and iPhone devices through composite video ports on its rear.

Neatly, the Revo AXiS comes with a free 31-day trial of (which, we should mention, is also owned by our parent company CBS Interactive). This will make use of its 'Click and Play' functionality to easily choose music via the touchscreen navigation. After the trial is finished, however, it'll cost users in the UK £3 per month to continue using the service, but doing so will allow you to use on any supported device, as well as the AXiS.

With an 8W class-D amp, Revo reckons it'll deliver impressive clarity and bass response, but we'll wait to hear it for ourselves.

The Revo AXiS is due for release in October and can be pre-ordered now from Advanced MP3 Players for £199.

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