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Stormtrooper strikes back

Superman's underwater suit

Fizzgig muppet

Mr. Spock's uniform

Wolverine's pointy claws

A Dalek of your very own

Seeing future sports scores

'Clockwork Orange' jacket

Terminator jacket

Witch King's dagger

A massive auction of rare sci-fi and fantasy props and costumes is giving fans an opportunity to own a piece of film history, whether it's a "Back to the Future" jacket or a piece of Darth Vader's scarred face.

"Star Wars" continues to be a cultural phenomenon, and props from the original trilogy command high prices. This Stormtrooper helmet used in "The Empire Strikes Back" could bring in a $92,000 winning bid despite the white plastic showing yellowing and wear. The auction from Prop Store takes place on September 23, though online pre-bids are open now.

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Superman has gotten a modern movie reboot, but there's still a lot of love for Christopher Reeve's take on the superhero. This costume was worn by Reeve in 1978's "Superman" during a scene where he's dropped into a pool. It was designed to hold up and look good for underwater filming. The costume is part of an auction by Prop Store containing tons of sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia.

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"The Dark Crystal" was a puppet-driven movie that defined dark fantasy for many kids growing up in the '80s. This Fizzgig puppet was used in the 1982 film and is now heading for the auction block in September. It's made from faux fur lined with cotton netting along with foam and resin pieces.

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One of the top prizes in an upcoming sci-fi props auction from Prop Store is this Mr. Spock uniform worn by Leonard Nimoy during the second season of the original "Star Trek." It includes the blue velour top and black pants. "Nimoy" is written inside a pocket of the trousers. The costume is expected to bring over $75,000 at auction on September 23.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store

These resin Wolverine claws give us a cool peek into a pivotal "X-Men 2" costume piece. The claws have grips where actor Hugh Jackman held them in his palms. Prop Store's auction lot description notes that they aren't sharp, but they are cleverly painted to look like they have an edge.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store

Ask around about fans' favorite "Doctor Who" villains and you're bound to hear the word "Daleks" a lot. The ruthless wheeled creatures are a source of danger and terror, and a lucky bidder will have the chance to own one used in the 2013 production "Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time" when Prop Store puts it up for auction in September.

The Dalek is made from wood and metal and can fit a person inside. Battery-powered lights activate when the operator speaks.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store

Biff Tannen, one of the bullying villains from the "Back to the Future" series, used a copy of "Grays Sports Almanac" to become wealthy. This custom copy of the book was used in "Part II." The book actually contains statistics through 1984. It is part of a major prop auction that also includes other "Back to the Future" memorabilia.

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Stanley Kubrick's film interpretation of the Anthony Burgess novel "A Clockwork Orange" still stands as a landmark in movie history. This outrageous purple suede and snakeskin jacket was worn by Malcolm McDowell in his lead role as the violent youth Alex. It's coming up for auction by Prop Store on September 23 as part of a larger sci-fi and fantasy catalog. Online pre-bids are already open.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store

The wide shoulders of this jacket were tailored to fit actor Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 2003 movie "Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines." The jacket is made from leather and has a cut up the center of the back to accommodate safety rigging used during filming. It is part of a Prop Store auction full of "Star Wars," "Star Trek" and sci-fi props and costumes.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store

This spectacular dagger made an appearance in the "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" in a scene where the Witch King attacks hobbit Frodo on the top of a craggy hill. The blade is aluminum with a resin handle. It is expected to sell at a Prop Store auction in September for over $38,000.

Caption by / Photo by Prop Store
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