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Christmas Gift Guide
The latest model to be pumped out of the V-moda factory is the Vibe II, a $128 pair that offers solid sound quality; a sleek design with a unique cable and a built-in mic for use with the iPhone and other music phones; and an updated plug housing that's designed to withstand more wear and tear than previous models.
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V-moda really excels in the design department, and the Vibe Duo earphones are a perfect example of this. The set starts with a standard gold-plated plug, which is encased in a modified L-shaped rubberized housing--it's reminiscent of a hose spray nozzle and seems more rugged than that of previous models.
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This is followed by 34 inches of cable, which splits at a hefty chrome-plated call answer button module into an additional 13 inches of Y-cable that leads to the two tiny earbuds. Along the way to the right 'bud, you'll find a shirt clip and a small mic, which is also encased in metal.
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V-moda includes a basic carrying pouch to keep your investment looking good, as well as silicone ear tips ranging from extra-small to large in both black and clear versions.
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We had no problems achieving a secure and comfortable fit with the small 'buds; although all the metal makes the earbuds heavy, the integrated shirt clip and optional earclips included in the package help with that issue. Still, some users may find the weight and clips bothersome (plus, the clips add bulk to the otherwise low-profile style).
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The Vibe II is available in two color options: Nero, which is black with chrome accents, and Chrome/Rouge, which is silver with reddish orange accents. And if you can get a good fit, you'll be rewarded not only with a stylish design, but with good audio quality and impressive sound isolation.
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