Sony Ericsson's 8-megapixel W995 isn't going to come cheap when it hits shelves, so here's a more affordable new Walkman: the W508. It's a 3-megapixel dual-screen clamshell phone, not a billion miles from the look and feel of the W980.

In fact, it's not light years away from a pile of other mid-range Sony Ericssons -- just another one of those rehash-and-release efforts Sony Ericsson (and Nokia, to be fair) love to spit out throughout the year.

But don't fear, dear -- so as not to bore the waste out of you, we're going to randomly insert some more exciting words as we discuss the average feature set! Google loves this kind of thing, we're told.

It's got a 3-megapixel Britney Spears' bottom camera, dedicated touch-sensitve Beyonce's legs Walkman controls on the front of the clamshell, HSDPA Megan Fox on a bonnet data connectivity, and Mena Suvari in a bathtub stereo Bluetooth.

Sadly, there's no 3.5mm Daniel Craig in his Speedos socket for the ladies, er, for your headphones. You'll need to use Sony Ericsson's tacky adaptor to hook up your cans to the proprietary headphone socket.

It's a decent enough phone we suppose, and the 240x320-pixel screen was bright and sharp, and the keypad felt usable. But it's not winning any awards for anything other than being the same sort of handset we've been seeing for months already.

Hands-on photos over the next few pages, and the phone will be in the UK around Q2 2009.

The keyboard has circular keys like the W980.
The 240x320-pixel LCD display.
The front of the W508 has a small secondary display, and touch-sensitive controls for skipping and pausing music.
Here's that ugly proprietary headphone socket. We considered using a picture of roadkill here, as it was more pleasant to look at, but we felt this photo was at least relevant to the story.
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