The U.S. Army is hosting a Robotics Rodeo this week at Fort Hood in Texas and is challenging the robotics industry to develop more machines to fill combat needs.

One participant, the Viper, climbs 12-inch stairs and wades through mud, snow, and sand.

Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET

Personal dead-reckoning system

Russ Miller of University of Michigan is at the Robotics Rodeo to shows off a personal dead-reckoning, or navigation, system. Built in to the heel of the boot, an inertial measurement unit provides full 3-D position tracking without GPS, RF, or UWB (ultra-wide band) beacons.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET

Triple threat

The Archer hybrid diesel electric UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) carries its smaller brother, the Beagle tactical recon robot, and a no-name signal transmitter bot.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET

Scorpion 4X4

The Scorpion 4X4 is DARPA Challenge ready and possibly the only truly autonomous vehicle at the Robotics Rodeo.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET


Here is the iRobot lineup at the Robotics Rodeo.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET

Dexter Bot

The Dexter Bot features a slim figure, human-like dexterity, and range of motion in both of its seven-axis arms.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET

Recon Scout XT

The Recon Scout XT is a throwable, mobile recon device for video surveillance and comes equipped with an infrared optical system.
Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET


Normally associated with NASA and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), Artemis is also on hand at the Robotics Rodeo. The company is collaborating with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) to improve detection of IEDs (improvised explosive devices), otherwise known as homemade bombs.

Pictured here is the Artemis C-band SAR (synthetic aperture radar) system.

Photo by: Mark Rutherford/CNET


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