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The plugs that cover the flash sync terminal and the 10-pin remote connector are more separated than on the D3 and D300, making them easier to manipulate. Like the D300, it also has a single cover for the USB, mini HDMI, and AV-out and DC-in connectors; the D3 has a separate cover for the USB port.
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The D700's controls are identical to the D300's. Of all the different dSLR layouts, I think I like the D300/D700 design the best, in part because it has the most direct-access controls.
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While not identical to the D300's, the D700's back controls are very similar. As I've said about previous models, I really like the use of switches for metering and AF mode; in fact, I wish selecting 3D tracking mode didn't require jumping into the menus.
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While quite comfortable, I wish the grip had a pronounced indentation like Canon's recent grips.
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