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The P5000 offers the standard combination of semimanual and scene program exposure one would expect on a midrange camera. In addition to the Vibration Reduction and Hi ISO Best Shot modes, you can also turn each on individually. Unfortunately, Nikon puts the P5000's Setup options on the mode dial instead of within the menu system. This is one of my pet peeves, because I always forget that I have to change the mode rather than just pressing the shutter to continue shooting.

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The focus, flash, exposure compensation, and self-timer options are pulled up via quick-access buttons on the four-way-plus-OK navigation switch. In addition to the prosaic macro and distance focus options, the P5000 offers Focusing limit; when the subject is 6.5 feet away or more, it speeds up autofocus by ignoring anything closer.

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Ranking high on the annoyance meter, Nikon limits the Fn quick-access button to a single, user-selectable option: it can pull up options for ISO sensitivity, image quality, image size, white balance or Vibration Reduction. For all the unchosen settings, you have to flip through the menus. (Note: the flash menu displayed here is not one of the options. )

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