From toilet roll iPod docks to tents for your MacBook, check out our round-up of the interesting and downright odd things on display at Macworld 2008.

Rock 'n' roll
If you've been looking for a way to listen to your tunes in the bathroom, the US$89 iCarta Plus should be the number one -- or number two, as it were -- iPod accessory on your shopping list. It's an iPod speaker system and dock combined with a toilet roll holder. Its makers tell us it is moisture- and splash-proof, too.

Mac tablet
While Steve Jobs didn't announce such a device at Macworld 2008, a company called Axiotron has modified Apple's MacBook into a slate-style tablet. The US$2,290 Modbook lets you draw and write directly on the screen with handwriting recognition provided by Mac OS X Leopard.

iPod video goggles
Myvu has created three sets of video goggles it calls "personal media viewers" that let you watch movies, TV shows and downloaded content through tiny displays embedded in the frames. Pictured here is the Crystal 701 version, which includes earbuds for audio, VGA resolution screens, a USB-rechargeable battery and up to four hours of viewing time. If it looks familiar, it might be because we tested a quirky set of video glasses last year called the i-Vision.

Yes, it's a tent for your laptop
So you're heading down to the beach. You've packed your towel, togs, sunscreen ... but have you remembered your LapDome? The LapDome is a cute (but very odd) little tent for your laptop that aims to protect your notebook from the elements while providing a bit of shade so you can see the screen easier.

Sleep pods

Designed by Metronaps, these ergonomic pods are designed for quick power naps in business environments. Metronaps also has an Australian blog showing off where its product is being used locally. The soothing sounds in these pods were provided by software company Pzizz, which makes Windows and Mac applications to help users relax, take an energising nap or to relieve stress.

Apple baby clothes

If you find yourself besotted with Apple so much that you put your young'un in an iBaby onesie, we'd suggest getting help. Unless, of course, you're the parents of this child.

Go go gadget ... er, Zapacopter
Electric car manufacturer Zap had on display this concept helicopter-car, which included an iPod and MacBook docking system, flex capacitor and warp speed 10 turbo power thruster. Naturally, we were left just thinking, "what the ...".

Take a shortcut

KBCovers makes a range of rubberised keyboard overlays to help you with shortcuts for applications such as Photoshop, Final Cut, Aperture and World of Warcraft.

Eye candy
With a DJ spinning records in the booth to attract a decent-sized crowd, audio manufacturer Skullcandy showed off its varied range of closed-ear and in-ear headphones, pairing them up with other accessories, such as bandanas, guitar picks and ski goggles.

iPod speaker gets its wings
Vestalife showed off its latest speaker dock for iPod dubbed Ladybug. Vestalife partnered with Element Skateboards for the artwork on its Ladybug range, which can change from ball-shaped with its fold-out speakers, LED volume indicators and a metallic, soft-rubber finish .

The legend continues ...
Over at the games area, we found this guy rocking out to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for Mac.

Hands off
Apologies for the camera angle, but here's a nifty way to secure an iPod nano onto your jeans.


ETCHamac showed off its ability to customise your iPods, iPhones and MacBooks through laser etching.

Bags galore
Aussie bag designer Crumpler had a three-dimensional cityscape as the backdrop for its stand, in which it displayed its latest range of camera, laptop and messenger bags.

Underwater love
H20 Audio showed off the iN3, an underwater housing for third-generation iPod nanos with a set of waterproof earbuds. We took a look at H20 Audio's first-generation nano case a couple of years ago and were impressed.

Cute flash drives
There were an abundance of cutsie USB flash drives for sale at Macworld resembling all sorts of things, like the little bones pictured here to ones that looked like inch-sized iPods.

For the ladies
Melissa Beth Designs had a range of laptop totes and sleeves on display, featuring stereotypical "ladies" colours, most featuring some kind of pink hue or subtle pastel.

But where's Yoko?
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, originally unveiled at CES, motored down to San Francisco to make an appearance at Macworld.

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