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How did Wonder Woman fly that invisible jet... did she just feel around for the controls? We'll soon find out for ourselves, thanks to the LG GD900 phone and its see-through glass keypad.

LG announced today that it'll be letting dirty journos get their fingerprints all over it at the upcoming CTIA event in Las Vegas. The GD900 was around at last month's MWC show, but it was locked in a glass case, like a Damien Hirst sculpture.

LG says the GD900 is a slider with a 3-inch (7.6cm) touchscreen, and a transparent keypad that is illuminated when opened.

The invisible interface will act like a multi-touch controller, rather than just a touch-sensitive keypad, supporting gestures and multi-touch in a similar way to the iPhone. The keypad will also support finger-writing recognition and vibrating haptic feedback.

LG has promised us the crystal-clear handset will be hitting the shelves sometime in the second quarter of 2009.

Click through to see various shiny items as they show through the GD900's bottom area.

The GD900 is almost pretty enough to prance with our tiny crystal ornaments on their display shelf. Almost.
The GD900 will sport LG's S-Class interface, previously seen on the LG Arena.
The GD900 reclines seductively, unaware that we can see its balls.


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