Expo floor

With more than 40,000 of the world's top IT developers and users, more than 1,800 sessions and industry leaders including Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Oracle President Charles Phillips, as Oracle OpenWorld returns to San Francisco on October 11-15.

Oracle partners, developers, and industry experts demo business applications and give keynotes on the future of business and advancement of information technology.

Come inside the overflowing halls where servers and conference attendees crowded the floor inside Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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Michael Dell

Michael Dell onstage at Oracle's OpenWorld conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center on Tuesday.

Dell discussed his company's plans for power consumption savings. Electricity is the single greatest cost of operating data centers, Dell said, and will upgrade servers and continue a push towards greater virtualization.

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Larry Ellison

Oracle's Larry Ellison onstage Wednesday at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco where he touted the speed of the Exadata 2, which merges Oracle's database software with Sun's FlashFire technology, and is at least 6 times faster than IBM's servers, he said.
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'Tech Force' marionette show

Even though Oracle is in the process of acquiring server maker Sun Microsystems, the software company still must make nice with Sun's competitors. Dell CEO Michael Dell gave a keynote speech Tuesday that began with this latest installment of the 'Tech Force' marionette show featuring Dell, left, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Ann Livermore, executive vice president of HP's Enterprise Business, gave a speech Monday.
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Just 10 seconds to grab as much cash as you can inside the Zanett cash booth.
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Starship Enterprise

On board for enterprise, two crew members of BestIT manned the bridge on a mock "Star Trek" inside the expo hall of Moscone South.
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Kris Gopalakrishnan

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and managing director of Infosys Technologies, discussed the future of IT and innovation in worldwide development.

Specifically, Gopalakrishnan mentioned advancements in digital health care such as digital medical record keeping and the need for innovations in digital banking that will do away with physical branches, create digital cash and open the door for micro-payments.

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Roger Daltry

The Who's Roger Daltry, who will be performing at Wednesday night's customer appreciation party, during Oracle's appeared briefly onstage Wednesday before Larry Ellison's talk.
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