Japan's Honda Research Institute and precision-equipment manufacturer Shimadzu have come up with a system that lets humans control a bot through thought alone. Here, a user gets ready to give the technology a go.
Photo by: Honda
The system uses a helmet covered with electroencephalography and near-infrared spectroscopy sensors that monitor electrical brainwaves and cerebral blood flow--signals that alter slightly during the human thought process.

The user thinks of one of a limited number of gestures it wants from the robot, which has been fitted with a Brain Machine Interface.

Photo by: Honda
The user is shown a card with a picture of a hand on it. After the user thinks about his hand, the command from the user's brain is wirelessly transferred on a real-time basis to Honda's Asimo humanoid robot.
Photo by: Honda
It looks like Asimo got the telepath, as it raises a hand to correspond with the user's thoughts.
Photo by: Honda
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