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Overall, the PowerShot G7 is a well-designed camera. In many ways it has the feel of an old-fashioned rangefinder camera, including a solid, hefty metal body and buttons and dials galore. The ridged plastic ring hides a bayonet mount for add-on adapters.
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Canon piles on the adjustment and navigation features in this set of concentric controls. The outer ring is a scroll dial for navigating menus and adjusting exposure and focus; the inner ring operates like a traditional four-way navigation/quick access switch. And the Set/Func button pulls up the menu for shooting options.
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You can assign one of several menus--such as resolution, white balance, or IS mode--to this Shortcut button next to the viewfinder. The G7's optical viewfinder is larger than most and quite usable.
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The dedicated dial for ISO settings contributes to the cameras retro feel. As you turn the dial, the different values also appear on the LCD, so you don't have to move the camera to look at the top if you've already framed a shot.
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Like the ISO dial, the mode dial's changes are reflected on the LCD. The zoom switch is on the small side, but it's easy to feel the shutter button within the switch's well.
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