Some of the first concept images to emerge were of these silly looking flip-phone designs in green and red.
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Slider designs, like this rather unsightly model with too many buttons, were popular in many iPhone concepts.
Photo by: Ministry of Tech
This simple concept took a standard iPod and added a touch screen. And wouldn't you like to have a phone book with Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs' numbers?
Photo by: Cedric Ceucke
We wouldn't flip over this design that features a quirky iPod Click Wheel.
Photo by: Gizmodo
Add a slider design with a hidden keypad to an iPod, and you get this camera-equipped concept.
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Apple gets into the thin-phone craze with this flip concept.
Photo by: Isamu Sanada
A circular keypad surrounding an iPod Click Wheel makes us think of the Nokia 3600.
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A phone and what appears to be the coming video iPod are combined to form this concept.
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We'd expect better from Apple's design department than this dull candy bar concept.
Photo by: Michael from Liechtenstein
This black slider concept features a Cingular logo and a keypad from the Motorola Razr. It's not especially pretty, no, but at least it's not the Motorola Rokr.
Photo by: Rainmanbk
This slider concept parts in the middle to reveal a camera lens and a speaker.
Photo by: Isamu Sanada
Just kidding; this wasn't really meant to be an iPhone concept. But it's amusing nonetheless.
Photo by: Engadget
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