The Able Planet Clear Harmony NC200 headphones are sold on Amazon for around $60--a palatable price if we ever saw one. You'll sacrifice top-notch sound and build quality, but the portability and comfort may make it worthwhile for some.
Also, while we appreciate the smooth finish Able Planet added to the headphones' exterior, they still have a decidedly plastic feel. Moreover, the build does not strike us as high-quality. On the plus side, the Able Planet NC200 headphones are plenty comfortable. The leatherette padding on the headband and earcups isn't the cushiest we've come across, but it's sufficiently soft to prevent uncomfortable pressure. Also, the headband is not overly tight, so the earcups do not press against the jaw line.
Photo by: CNET Networks
Like any travel-friendly headphones worth their salt, the Able Planet NC200 headphones can be compacted down, measuring roughly the size of a very large fist when completely folded. A soft pouch is included in the package, which can itself fit into just about any bag, thanks to the fact that it is not hard-sided. That said, we've seen better cases--ones that actually offer some protection while still maintaining a compact size.
Photo by: CNET Networks
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