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Meet the cute but brainy Pebble

LAS VEGAS--No smartwatch is complete without an inscrutable binary watch face for true geek cred, and the Pebble doesn't disappoint.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Mark Licea/CNET

A watch of many faces

The Pebble comes with plenty of watch faces to choose from, all of which can be activated on the fly.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Brian Bennett/CNET

Controls on the right

On the Pebble's right side are three control buttons for navigating its menu screens.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Brian Bennett/CNET

Command your music

One of the Pebble's neat tricks is that you can use it to control music playback on your phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Brian Bennett/CNET

Digital can be analog too

Analog watch faces are among the Pebble's customization options.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Brian Bennett/CNET
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