Like Daniel Craig emerging from the waves in Casino Royale, the Panasonic SDR-SW21 is a camcorder that takes the knocks on water or on land, although probably doesn't make ladies come over all previous to quite the same extent.

It's a standard-definition, SD card-based shooter that can be used underwater, as well as being sturdy enough to repel dust and withstand being dropped. Previously the domain of Sanyo, the tough-camcorder market is under attack from Panasonic, as is the tough-camera market previously ruled by Olympus.

The SW21's waterproofiness down to 2m proudly conforms to standard IEC60529 IPX8. The dustbusting meets standard IEC60529IP5X -- we know! amazing -- and 1.2-metres of droppiness meets MIL-STD-810F METHOD 516.5 SHOCK. Well 'ard.

In keeping with the rufty-tufty sturdiness, the SW21 is lean on fancy extras. Video is recorded in DVD-quality MPEG2 format, and stills are a scant 0.8 megapixels. One pleasing inclusion is a stereo zoom microphone, although performance underwater may be a bit, well, wet.

You also get a 0.6-second quick-start feature and 10x optical zoom. To see how the SW21 keeps in shape, click through our pictures.

The screen well includes a clickpad and mode wheel. The screen measures 69mm (2.7-inches).
Each of the connections are covered by lockable hatches.
The USB and power connection are concealed in the side.
The SDHC card and battery have an equally sturdy cover.
The front of the camcorder includes a second record button, so you can change your grip or use it left-handed.
The Panasonic SDR-SW21 is available now for £310.
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