New lens

Panasonic will offer a kit of the GX1 with the new power zoom 14-42mm X series lens.
Photo by: Panasonic


The new lens automatically collapses, so when not in use it has the same footprint of a large pancake prime. Despite the new series name, the GX1's body is based off the GF1 and GF2 bodies.
Photo by: Panasonic

Now in silver

If you like two-tone, there's a silver version for you.
Photo by: Panasonic

Combo controls

As is common with Panasonic's ILCs, the interface consists of a combination of direct-access and touch-screen controls so that you can use whichever you're more comfortable with. The camera also supports the company's plug-in EVF.
Photo by: Panasonic

Return of the mode dial

The mode dial dropped between the GF1 and GF2 reappears here.
Photo by: Panasonic

Power zoom

Panasonic is the first manufacturer to introduce power zoom lenses in its ILCs. The downside: no manual focus ring. Instead, there's a very point-and-shoot-like manual focus switch.
Photo by: Panasonic


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