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Guitar pick

Mushroom in mulch

Old door in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Stone-faced woman

Meta camera

To close out our week of Crave readers' Instagram photos, we thought we'd give you an alternative look at some everyday objects. The images that follow show how a little creativity and a different perspective can turn something mundane into something incredible.

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. The response was fantastic, and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Please be sure to check our CNET's Facebook page next week, as we'll be posting more reader photos for you to enjoy.

This first photo comes from Jon G. (Instagram user jongiambi) and shows off the neck of his Denver 3/4 acoustic guitar and pick. Jon has played guitar for four years.
Caption by / Photo by Instagram user jongiambi
Patrick A. of Davie, Fla. (Instagram user datkidpatrick), took this photo of a mushroom using the Sutro filter, but he didn't think it was a mushroom at first.

"It was really [an] impromptu shot. I was just walking up to my door and saw what looked like a chocolate wrapper, I touched it and noticed it was growing out from the mulch. I figured it was some type of mushroom and decided to take a quick shot and share on Instagram," he said.
Caption by / Photo by Instagram user datkidpatrick
Helen E. found beauty in this old door in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Helen says she is a fan of lomography and used the lomo-fi filter to enhance the layers of blue paint on the door.
Caption by / Photo by Helen E.
We wouldn't blame you for thinking this photo was taken at a museum or some other exotic locale, but it was actually taken at a restaurant. Sent in by Tim O. of Citrus Heights, Calif., the piece is located in front of Dos Coyotes Border Grill in East Sacramento and is about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Tim said he took the photo around 1 p.m., when the sun was highest. He used the Earlybird filter.
Caption by / Photo by Tim O.
Jose B. of Medellin, Colombia (Instagram user betancur) is an entrepreneur and app developer, but his hobby is photography. He was unpacking his new Nikon D7000 when he shot this picture. When not snapping shots of his camera, Jose says he enjoys taking pictures of architecture and people.
Caption by / Photo by Instagram user betancur
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