Pop sensation and X-Factor third-placers One Direction disgrace two new special-edition Nokia phones, the cheapo Nokia C2-02 and the Nokia C3. We've been, er, blessed with the opportunity to go hands-on with both of 'em, so click through our photos above to get up close and personal with these two branded Cowell-powered blowers.

What makes this beautiful?

The Nokia C2-02 has a touchscreen, but slide it open and you'll also spot a keypad, for rapid typing.

Around the back there's a 2-megapixel camera, and naturally you'll get a One Direction wallpaper, as well as special ringtones that will make it feel as if Niall, Zayn (sp?), Liam, Harry and Louis have burst out of your phone and are running around your house, drinking all the Sunny Delight and jumping up and down on the sofa.

The Nokia C3, meanwhile, is a BlackBerry-esque phone from last year that rocks a massive physical keyboard, for light-speed texting and tweeting. Needless to say, it comes with all the same wallpaper and ringtone-related treats for One Direction fans. We've also heard something about stickers. We like stickers.

Both mobiles come packed with Twitter and Facebook, making them decent devices for social butterflies. We have to say though, during our hands-on, we found ourselves frequently baffled by the interface.

Both phones are available for just under £80 on pay as you go, plus £10 top-up, exclusively from the Carphone Warehouse.

If all those numbers and specifications have made your brain ache, prepare to have it washed clean by the soothing, beach-based antics of One Direction, performing their anthem to low self-esteem, What Makes You Beautiful.

Will you buy these phones? Or do they make you feel profoundly sad? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall.

The C2-02 has a 2-megapixel camera on the back.
It's quite chunky, as you can see.
Special ringtones!
One Direction wallpaper! It's the phone that keeps on giving.
This is the Nokia C3. It has a Qwerty keyboard!
Look at all those ringtones! Nokia, take our money!
Around the back of the C3 is another 2-megapixel camera.
It looks a bit slimmer from the side.
Ports are sadly not One Direction-themed.
Will you be buying one of these poptastic budget blowers? Let us know.


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