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Nota is a piano training app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch; an iPad app is forthcoming. The company has shared these images of the iPad version with CNET.

In this image, you can see Nota's chord browser makes it easy to find a chord and play it on any key or invert it.

Caption by / Photo by Melvin Rivera
An interactive notes quiz allows beginners to quickly correlate the keyboard with written notation.
Caption by / Photo by Melvin Rivera
For beginners, Nota's slick interface makes it a joy to learn music. It covers the basics of music notation with a four-octave piano that displays the notes on a staff.
Caption by / Photo by Melvin Rivera
Nota's reference section includes a comprehensive reference of music notation displayed in a book-like format.
Caption by / Photo by Melvin Rivera
To demonstrate the practical effect of the iPad's large screen size, we've inset a screenshot of the Nota iPhone app at scale size. By contrast, the iPad's piano keyboard is nearly life-size, and allows for two hands; the iPhone version features toy-size keys and is only practical for one hand.
Caption by / Photo by Melvin Rivera
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