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Just when you thought the world didn't need any more netbooks, up pops the Nokia Booklet 3G. It's a 10-inch mini-laptop with design and specs that seem to place it closer to the MacBook Air than your typical cheap and cheerful netbook.

The screen is a glass display that Nokia says is HD Ready for watching in high definition. It also includes A-GPS, which uses the phone signal to get a fix on your location faster, integrated with Nokia's  Ovi Maps. Other Ovi features include Ovi Suite for syncing between phone, netbook and the cloud, as well as access to the Nokia Music Store.

The Booklet 3G has the potential to be decently tricked-out for a netbook. So far we know it has an Intel Atom processor, although not how fast this will run, an HDMI port, 3G and the faster 802.11n Wi-Fi, which is unusual for a netbook. More specs, and hopefully pricing, will be announced by Nokia next week, although the claimed 12 hours of battery life has got our attention. 

Archos is making a phone, now Nokia is making a netbook -- has the world turned upside down? Nokia reckons the Booklet 3G is "another important ingredient in the move towards becoming a mobile solutions company". Thanks for that. Click 'Continue' to see more pictures, or watch Nokia's own video.

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Although not confirmed, the product demo video on Nokia's Web site seems to show the Booklet 3G running Windows 7 rather than XP or Vista.
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An HDMI port raises the possibility that the Nokia Booklet 3G will be able to pipe out high-definition content to your TV, providing it has enough processing power.
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At just under 2cm thick when closed and weighing 1.25kg, Nokia is aiming to keep its netbook as portable as it can be.
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Unusually for a netbook, the Nokia Booklet 3G has built-in GPS.
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The Nokia Booklet 3G will come in blue, silver and black.
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