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Good things come to those who wait, and boy, have we been waiting patiently. The Nexus 7 has just arrived in the CNET Australia office, so we thought we'd share the thrill of the unboxing with you.

Can you hear it whispering? It wants us to Google Play with it.

Photo by: CBSi

Small fry

If you've only ever played with iPads, you'll be surprised at how small and light the Nexus 7 feels.

Photo by: CBSi

Not a lot in the box

Asides from the tablet itself, the box only contains a USB cable, a power adapter and a simple user guide.

Photo by: CBSi

Getting a grip

The back of the tablet feels nice, thanks to this dimpled textured finish.

Photo by: CBSi

Mystery docking connection

There is a three-pin docking connection on the side of the Nexus 7, in anticipation of a range of docking accessories, no doubt.

Photo by: CBSi

Same, same

The Nexus 7 has a single micro-USB port, which is used for charging and data transfers. We like this better than other tablets that use a separate proprietary connection for charging.

Photo by: CBSi

X marks the spot

Is it just us, or do you get excited when you see the Nexus boot animation too?

Photo by: CBSi

Full screen

In case you were wondering what to do with your new Nexus tablet, Google sticks books and movies on the home screen to remind you of what it does best. The screen is a pretty great looking display, though it is a tad too glossy, in our opinion.

Photo by: CBSi

ZOMG Transformers

That's right folks, you get a free copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon with your new Nexus 7. Now, do we add this to the Good list or the Bad list in our review?

Photo by: CBSi


Out of the box you get all the Google apps you get on other Android devices, plus a few new ones. Google Chrome now takes centre stage as the default web browser, and Google Currents comes pre-installed.

Photo by: CBSi

Go, go Gadget notifications

As you may have read, the notifications panel has received a makeover, and now includes longer, more detailed notifications for certain apps, like Gmail.

Photo by: CBSi


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